Frequently Asked Questions

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Payment & Purchase

Soaring Phoenix Designs offers non-tangible irrevocable services, therfore we do not issue refunds.

Contact us at should you have any further questions.
Every project over R10k requires a 50% deposit before any work may commence.

Projects under R10k require a 100% deposit before work may commence.

Please be sure to read our Refund Policy and view our Web Design Work Flow.
Every website is unique. We charge based on the size (number of pages and the length each page will be), type (standard static, updatable, eCommerce, etc) and amount of functionalities desired on the site.
For projects over R10k, we require a 50% deposit of the total amount before work starts on the website, the next 40% after final changes have been made, the final 10% for you to recieve your website folder(s).

For projects under R10k, we require a 100% deposit upfront.

Work Process & General Questions

Different stages of the process:
  • Explore
  • Kick-Start
  • Organize
  • Page Design
  • Content Design
  • Create
  • Test it
  • Go Live!

Head over to our Process page to see in detail how it works.
The time it takes to create a website varies on a number of factors. However, every project of ours undergoes the process stages, which have a max time period indication for each stage. We never fall behind deadlines and aim to finish every website within a max time of 3 months!

The minimum time to create a website is estimated to be 1 month (this is presuming the client knows exactly what the website page and content layout should more or less be, the client has already gathered all necessary information to be placed on the website)

An estimated time can be given based on a brief summary of the type, size, content amount etc. of the website.
Yes! We guarantee every website we create to have a repsonive design. Your website will look great on any screen it's viewed on!
Certainly! We develope your website on a server, we will provide you with the password and username to log onto the server to view the progress of your site!

During this time any of your feedback will be a step closer to the completion of the website.
Definitly! We include on-page SEO which will be the submission of your site to Google's Search Engine and the set up of each page's meta tags (Descirption, Page Title, etc).

We also guarantee every website we build have 100% responsive design.
Once a website is completed we place the website folder onto a server which will have a protected password and username.

Once the rest of the outstanding payment has been recieved - we will provide you with the username and password to download your website folder.
Should you want to make changes after the completion of your website we will charge each change as a seperate once off fee.

Soaring Phoenix Designs

Soaring phoenix designs is an online web design company. Our main focus is on keeping up with the latest user-interface(UI) design & user-experience(UX) trends so that your website will always meet the best standards of design.

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