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We start by exploring the different options to understand what kind of a website you are interested in. We send a briefing form and ask a few questions to size up the project and determine the designs and main functionalities you want on the site. Shortly after we review the entire scope of the project, we will send through a detailed proposal, project completion date, an agreement form and deposit to be made in order for work to commence.


Stage Duration Max Time: 10 working days

Static Website Option - we provide you with a range of our pre-designed templates for you to choose from. Once you have chosen a template that you wish to use we will send through a form should there be any design changes (I.e, add pages/sections, remove pages, change footer/header design, etc.)

CMS website Option – we guide you to the WordPress theme page to browse through. Once you have chosen a theme that you wish to use we will set-up WordPress and add the number of pages desired, i.e. Home page, Contact Page etc.(Information from the Explore Stage).


Stage Duration Max Time: 10 working days

The Organize Stage is where you gather and send us all the content (images, text, videos, links, charts, testimonials, etc.) for your site. The next step is for us to discuss which pages each piece of content must be placed on.
We will also work in the on-page SEO onto your site!

Page Design

Stage Duration Max Time: 10 working days

This is where we design the framework & layout of each page in order of the desired hierarchy. We discuss colours, image sizes and placement, text positioning and the basics of the header and footer design. For both the design stages you will have access to view the progress of your website on our server, we will provide you with the username and password.

Content Design

Stage Duration Max Time: 5-7 working days

After we have a general framework and design for each page of the site, we take the content set aside for each page (Organize Stage) and place it in the hierarchy structure. We adjust the layout, positioning, design and the general display of the content. We will also work in responsive design to ensure a clear display on tablet and mobile devices.
At anytime of the design stage we highly encourage feedback!


Stage Duration Max Time: 15-20 working days

One of the most important stages for user-experience! Once the design stage is completed, we head to create all the functionalities to your site such as, form submissions, photo galleries, sliders, newsletter sign-up, etc.
Next step is to test!

Test It

Stage Duration Max Time: 5-7 working days

We are moments away from making your site viewable to all on the web! The test stage is where we make sure all the designs are responsive and the functionalities are working (successful form submissions, link checks, etc)
You can test it yourself! We will provide you with the updated username and password to perform the test from your side.

Go Live!

Stage Duration Max Time: 2 working days

Here is where we complete the rest of the on-page SEO. Once the site and payment terms are checked and are successfully up to speed, we will supply you with the username and password to download your website files. Congratulations, Your site is complete!

Soaring Phoenix Designs

Soaring phoenix designs is an online web design company. Our main focus is on keeping up with the latest user-interface(UI) design & user-experience(UX) trends so that your website will always meet the best standards of design.

Johannesburg, South Africa